Saturday, August 25, 2012


All is well. All is well. All is well. These are the lines I often hear from people who watched 3 IDIOTS. The remarkable comments would often be about fun, laughter and enjoyment the cast portrayed and the logic behind various subjects. While everyone gets on the buzz, I remained indifferent about the movie that I did not bother to watch it. I can hardly recall when it became a hit; perhaps months ago, even a year or so. Nevertheless, I entertained the idea of watching it if resources allow.

Voila!!! Someone shared with me a collection of movies and I chose what movie films to copy. I usually scan the list and find titles that interests me – this could be based on what other people have recommended to be fun and worth watching.  I have selected at most 10 movies and one of those is the 3 idiots :D

I was on my way to bed last night, around 11pm after I watched ABS-CBN teleseryes that I decided to view the files on my computer and spotted 3 idiots :D I was reluctant at first because I was a bit sleepy and would have loved to take a rest quite early.

Recalling what others say that it’s really fun to watch, I endured watching the introductory part and true enough, the scenarios got my attention and with the academe as the setting, my interest was heightened. I was also thinking though, that I might watch the whole series in instalment, that would mean, spending an hour or less, then pause and watch again the next day :D But the scenes went on without me noticing that I was already hooked with the story. :D That 2 hours and approximately 44 minutes of watching was a bit exhausting :D But the humor and lessons shared allowed me to finish watching the movie until 2:30 AM :D.

These are the things/lessons that inspired me all throughout the movie:

The courage to question the status quo – the existing and obsolete education system that we follow.

I was truly amazed how Rancho insisted his own ways of defining things the practical way. The teacher’s resistance is common among schools at all levels because we have practiced to memorize what the book says and be it the basis for passing the exams. Verbatim is the format to determine whether students learned.

Moreover, the requisites and inculcations in our education system can be reflected in 3 purposive statements: Study hard, get good grades and land a good job. These draw serious implications. For instance, the fear of committing mistakes hinder the creativity of the student. One becomes static and be dependent largely on books, that a minor mistake can be fatal. This poses a challenge among teachers to teach the students more on how to learn the concepts and allow them to apply it in their own ways.

The positive affirmation: All is Well.

This is highly contagious and becomes more powerful when we sincerely express it. Amidst troubles, challenges and frustrations, saying All is Well will be a boost. A new strength will be revived and one will become courageous to face any trials.

The value of friendship and the essence of empathy

Jouie, a friend and a batchmate once said: “Friends will always be friends no matter what one has become.” I so love the bond of Rancho, Farhan and Raju in the movie and the empathy, compassion and love they gave each other make it unparalleled. Overcoming hard and trying times was made easier because of their willingness to help each other in various circumstances.

The will to follow your heart.

What others say often define us and what they dictate influence us in making decisions. This is evident on what our parents, relatives and even the society tell us on what would we be in the future. While we owe them their suggestions, we have a voice within that we need to entertain. It’s the instinct, our desire to realize what we want to become. The will to follow would surely be a struggle considering the various factors but it would really be fulfilling if, once in our life, we follow our hearts J  

Strive for excellence and success follows

I truly find this challenging because excellence is a lifelong commitment. It’s not just an act, but a series of repeated actions. One needs to consistently give the best way towards excellence. It’s a reminder that we should not settle for anything less that what is necessary. Doing things for the sake of compliance for instance is not a good practice.

Always be humble.

Humility is truly a virtue. One need not boast what he accomplished to outwit other people. I was amazed how Rancho remained humble even when he became the most sought scientist with 400 patents already. Chatur on the other hand, was put to shame because Rancho was far more successful than he is.  

I really had a great time watching the movie. Thanks to Ebil for sharing a copy of it.
Have you watched the movie? Hmmm… You should watch it… J