Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Views on Love - I

Photo Credit: HD Wallpapers

Loving has never been about enduring the pain.

It's an affirmation that we exist and that we care.

Of the various kinds of love, we come across with romantic love.

Oftentimes, this poses a challenge to the parties concerned especially to the one who feels that it's an unrequited love.

No matter how pain seems to intrude, we cling on the joy loving brings, hoping that everything is well.

Until we realize that there are some imperfections in the manner we love - worldly, selfish and full of expectations.

It is only then that we learn to accept, to let go and to move on.

In the end, its the lessons we learn that matters – giving us the courage to face the reality – continually hoping that somewhere down the road, we meet the person destined for us to share the best parts of our lives with…

To be continued…