Monday, January 13, 2014

A blessed Sunday indeed… 01/12/13

The coming of a weekend always makes  me feel excited especially during Sundays because it is a  time for praise, worship and thanksgiving to God together with the community of Christians. Yesterday, January 12, 2014, the sky was gloomy, the climate was cold and rain seemed unstoppable. I got myself busy preparing for breakfast and facebooking that I miss coming to church on time :D Glad that when I arrived 15 minutes past the hour of 9, it was still time for praise and worship. The performers just did great and I joined in praising God through dancing and singing. It was such a great way to start the fellowship.

After some announcements, the emcee enthusiastically welcomed Pastor Bayani Areola. The Pastor then called a couple to give some testimonies how Jesus Christ worked in their lives. I was inspired by what they shared especially how they met, considering they have different backgrounds. One of whom dreamed to have a better life, withstanding the challenges of being impoverished. Their marriage runs for 14 years now and counting. These were some of their statements that struck me. 

Declare positive things. 
Focus on the positive things. 
We don’t dwell in the past. We are not defined by our past. But we are prepared by our past.
Sometimes, we get entangled with our family backgrounds, challenges and misfortunes that we become hopeless and would not like to dream big things. It was such a refresher to me not to dwell on the past but consider it as a guide for what I will become in the future. I commit myself to declare positive things, focus and work on it. If negativities come in, I just have to recall the good things and I should not be affected much with it.

Then Pastor Areola led a song HEART OF WORSHIP with the lyrics of the song well-felt. He then started sharing the theme of the fellowship which is BIG THINGS FOR THE BIG GOD.
Citing a verse Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”, Pastor Areola encouraged everyone that God has a master plan to each one, plan for a brighter future and prosperity. So glad to be reminded once again because this is one of my guiding verses. Whenever I am into trials, I cling to God’s promise that everything will be well.

He further shared that BIG CHALLENGES SIGNAL BLESSINGS. One should not worry if he/she faces big problems, because it paves the way for bigger blessings to come. One has to persevere the tests of time.

As the sharing continued, Pastor Areola tackled business, encouraging everyone to start, no matter how small the capital and venture are. After all, everything big starts from small. He further added that we should not despise or discredit small things because with God, nothing is impossible. I am indeed inspired to pursue what I and my students have started last Friday, January 10, 2014. We produced VEGGIE BURGER with a starting capital of Php 1,100. Glad to have begun it, asking God to guide us all throughout. I also produced special chocolate yema last week with Php 400 as the beginning capital J May God bless these ventures including my Mary Kay business. I also believe that these will prosper with God’s blessings J

Pastor Areola had more to share citing the parable of the mustard seed, so small it is but grows big beyond expectations. He again encouraged everyone to start investing. “If you want something big in life, start investing,” he added.

With these words of wisdom, he concluded the sharing that one has to be willing to give… to give back to God what is due Him and give to become a blessing to others. For by giving, more blessings would come to one’s life. Then everyone was encouraged to commit to God ourselves and ask guidance for the businesses we will undertake and other endeavours.

WOW, it was indeed a blessed Sunday. Thank God for making us feel your presence. Thank you for the life of Pastor Areola who keeps on inspiring us. I am indeed excited to continue engaging into business, teaching my students to become entrepreneurs and encouraging my family to do business as well. J  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto: A Success Story

"Truly, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes..."
- The Little Prince
Behind every success is a story, a journey with a challenged beginning and a worthwhile ending. 
On June 15, 2010 at exactly 10:00 o'clock in the morning, a group of 39 BSBA Entrepreneurial Marketing students marched the roads of MSU to promote the GRAND OPENING of ENTREP 110 PAHAYAHAY RESTO, a business they established as a partial fulfillment of the aforementioned degree. They were very excited as they showcased to MSU constituents their business. A song composed by Jason Arban served as a musical background as they continued the parade. Also, a chicken mascot made by Mr. Arban and worn by Kimley Medina entertained the audience. It ended at 11:00AM which was followed by a short program.  Here are some photos showing the event.

Prof. Potre P. Riga, the ever supportive Dean of the College of Business Administration together with Prof. Amerah Guro and Prof. Ma. Stella G; Codas joined the affair.

The cutting of the ribbon headed by the Dean of CBAA  commenced the formal start of the venture. It signified a remarkable beginning for a fruitful ending.
Welcome to Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto. Be amazed with its unique design,  great ambiance and delicious as well as nutritious foods.
Here's the logo with the main offerings such as buko halo, grilled chicken and chicken in pandan leaves. 
These are the happy faces of the practicumers during the opening despite the fact that almost 140 kilos of chicken meat was spoiled due to early purchase and poor refrigeration. It was identified when they were about to serve the customers. Immediately, they bought 3 kilos of chicken meat and eventually coped up by continuously procuring when funds were already available and orders increased.
The first day of business ended greatly considering that they were able to have more than Php 18,000 gross sales. It was indeed successful. Congratulations for a job well done. From then on, shifting of schedules was implemented allowing them to take a rest after a tiring business operation. 

These are but a parcel of the whole story. Hence, I would also like to feature the preparation period as this is equally important with what transpired in the actual operation.

Planning plays a very significant role in the success of any undertaking and Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto just went through a tedious and lengthy process. These are the moments unknown to many but had a great impact on how the students pursued against overwhelming odds.
Approximately, 1,500 questionnaires were prepared and have it distributed to various colleges of MSU. This was to determine the demand of the respondents for a food establishment that they are willing to patronize. Having known favorable responses, the students proceeded with the business plan. 
Part of the process was pretesting / test marketing. During the CBAA Foundation Day last year (2009), they made a mini restaurant at the CBAA grounds by using tents, tables and chairs. They offered their specialty including grilled chicken, buko halo and chicken in pandan leaves. With favorable customer reactions, they were confident that these products will be salable because of great taste.
The oral defense came which terrified all of them. Prof. Eugenio J. Manulat, Jr. and Dr. Perla M. Calunod were the panel members together with RSC as their adviser. The defense went well with several comments from the mentors including revision of some parts in the business plan. More so with the best of luck for the business implementation
A capital of Php 200,000.00 paved the way to establish the business. After looking for a location at the commercial center, procurement of materials for renovation was needed. Purchasing then was very challenging that required the practicumers to have a hands-on monitoring throughout the tasks. I witnessed how hard it was specially reaching the far flung forests of Suarez, Iligan City to buy buko.
They also sold veggie burger, tapioca and banana salad to raise funds for the business. 
What amazed me is the fact that these students have hidden talents and skills ready to be shared. I would love to mention Jonathan Isito who acted as the electrician and technician, Jason Arban as the artist in many genres including music, Gendry Bongcayao as the chef, John Mark Montenegro as the manager and all of them having potentials ready to be unleashed. Indeed, it was a convergence of talent, creativity and personality that made the preparations easier. 
With the hired carpenters, the students were happy joining them in completing the renovation.
The MSU golf course served as their venue for meditation and destination after a brisk walk for a couple of times.
We are thankful that Mr. & Mrs. Andrada of JECOs encouraged the students to pursue the business and learn from it. They also shared personal experiences about business in general. Our gratitude extends to Prof. Teresita Sanchez of CHARM for additional inputs and motivation. 
Sleeping has always been a very good way to relax after a tiring task. The resto served as a new home for some of the practicumers. The room was the common place for everyone to take a rest during the day as the operation went through.
Of all the experiences, happy moments are the most unforgettable. Teasing was the common medium of making daily encounter exciting and enjoyable. Aping, ngipon, negro, inday, I love you panget bleehh, agas na?, are you?, ang itum baya, waaahhhh, mecmec, momeee ohh, kinsa manghugas, ang tigulang nga c broder, ako next lesai, dish out please, kuya bantayi ang gawas, haahhhayy way customer, and apili ko og kopiko were the most common conversations throughout the semester. What makes me laugh to date is "NAGBAHA NA" because the water from the hose kept flowing when everybody is still sleeping and would leave it unattended. The result is "flood on the floor" :D
Students have always loved "outing," an outlet of releasing stress and rejuvenating everyone's strength. 
Like any other teacher-student relationships, it has to culminate for reasons beyond control. Nevertheless, communication continues until everyone meets. I thank God for this wonderful journey, a doorstep for more learning and realizations. Indeed, the most crucial part of a college education is the practicum. It integrates every lessons taught in the class for four to five years of student's stay in the academe. It is also the most challenging course one has to take inorder to finish a certain degree. 
These are the moments we shared. I believe one day, we will revive this with a higher level of enthusiasm, hope and cooperation. Everything that happened is worth the experience. As future entrepreneurs, we would be willing to traverse a path less traveled. As one of the owners of Iligan Computer Institute in Iligan City said: "It is nice to have your own business. The challenge is very tough, but the reward is fulfilling."  

We might have lost the capital investment, but we have gained valuable lessons relevant in life. May our desire to become entrepreneurs flourish and eventually apply it to be realistic.

Happy Anniversary Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto. Thank you, whatever it is. God bless.

You can watch the video by clicking this link . Enjoy watching. Thanks