Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Tragic Death of my Brother Euvie

                Our family mourns for the loss of my brother, Euvie Serrano Celeste. We send this message that we will do our best so justice could be served. It may seem impossible considering our limited resources but I personally could not afford doing nothing and let the event be just part of the past. I have been a law-abiding citizen, personally conscious of our basic rights as human beings; I have been an advocate of education and teachings about the do’s and don’ts, the ideals and the freedom of expression; and I have always believed of the bright future of our native land. Hence, this shoutout so our voices be heard.

             That fateful night on Sunday, my brother was shot dead at Brgy. Bacolod by two unidentified gunmen riding on tandem. Accordingly, he was shot once and tried to survive but he was stabbed to death. His companion was shocked and managed to reach our village bringing the bad news. Hoping for  second life, he was brought to Marihatag Hospital but the working staff declared dead on arrival.

             REASON: Drug dealing. While it may be true that He does it, Oh God, it’s just occasional and on a limited basis just to make ends meet. But even that perhaps he is involved with this illegal activity, shooting him to death is unconstitutional, inhuman and unjust. I would have to cry out loud for this reason of his death. When his wife and children came home, I couldn’t help myself but be catharsized to tears. What would happen to these kids with ages 9, 7 and 1? Huhuhuhuhuhu… I feel anxious for their future. If it must have been hard when their father was still alive, how harder it would seem now when it’s no longer about financial aspect that they need to go through but even the emotional pain and the trauma of moving on further. They surely need help.

               ON FINDING WAYS TO MAKE A LIVING. It was on October 21, 2014 – 5 days before his death, that we had communication through phone. He requested me some financial assistance and I highly suggested that I would raise funds for his selling business. It was also the time when I had to tell Him to change for the better. That let it be that Jesus Christ will be his Lord and personal savior.huhuhu.

                CALL FOR JUSTICE: I am setting my foot forward to seek JUSTICE. I will do my very best to tap all related agencies leading to justice. Dear Local Government Unit of Cagwait, Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, Commission on Human Rights, Department of Justice and all other organizations, I have high hopes in your REASON FOR EXISTENCE. I would request what is necessary, what is due us, and what the law says. 

Join me in this call for justice. Please click here for your email signature. Click here for the petition letter to the Secretary of Department of Justice re Killing of my brother Euvie. 

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