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A glimpse on the ever-charming Cagwait White Beach

Blessed with verdant forests, pristine beaches, and exquisite flora and fauna, Surigao del Sur is truly a potential tourism hub in the Philippines. A number of breathtaking places is yet to be explored, discovered and experienced in the said province – giving avenues for explorers and travelers to find out these gems of nature.

Being born in Surigao del Sur is a wonderful opportunity for me to visit the gifts of nature but I must admit that I have only visited few. “Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan!” is a challenge that I face and will conquer soon… Starting off in my hometown, the Municipality of Cagwait.
This is one of the million reasons why IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES
Brief History

Cagwait is a coastal town located in the central part of the province of Surigao del Sur. It straddles along the coast of Pacific Ocean and Mount Diwata. It has a total land area of 21,410 hectares and a population of 19,899 (NSO, 2007) scattered among its eleven (11) barangays.

Historical Origin of Cagwait

Young sailors from Leyte, who escaped from enslaving hands of Spaniards, sailed southward in 1840 in a boat called “veloz” and noticed they were passing  into a bay resembling a human mouth, which in vernacular, it is called “mao rag wait.” The bay looked like an open mouth and the peninsula resembling the esophagus. The settlers later on called the place “Cagwait.”

Thus in July 1840, when Father Juan Engrova first baptized the people in the new settlement, wrote the name Cagwait in his record entitled, “Libros de Bautismos,” 1845-1860.

The diversity of the marine and forest ecosystem facing the bay and the land along it are fertile. It favors for growing crops that attracted more and more settlers from other and nearby places.

The ever-charming Cagwait Beach

The Municipality of Cagwait houses the ever-charming Cagwait White Beach.
Oh, Cagwait Beach...
Once named as Waikiki Beach by an aviator Charles Lindbergh because of its resemblance to the famous beach in Hawaii, Cagwait Beach is a long stretch of white powdery sand forming a C-shape. An aerial view shows a clamshell-like formation, truly a scene to behold. The picturesque view of the beach from different angles makes it more attractive to tourists and locals alike.
Clamshell-like view 
The clear turquoise water of the beach is simply irresistible, captivating and inviting –just so perfect for everyone to enjoy swimming. One can even think of taking a plunge instantly because of its charm. Big waves for surfing and skimboarding are readily available for the enthusiasts, truly a beach for the adventurous visitors and the ordinary beach lovers.
A perfect place for respite
The long shoreline welcomes everyone for a barefoot-walk and even sprint. The considerable width as well allows people to play volleyball, parlor games and the like.
The long stretch of white sand is simply breathtaking :-)
The continuous development in Cagwait White Beach pave way for a vibrant local tourism whereby beach goers and potential tourists can enjoy. First is the mushrooming of private-owned resorts with affordable accommodations. These establishments have upgraded a beach bumming experience by offering among others, sea sports adventure such as riding a banana boat, kayaking and jet skiing. These are really great options for the locals and tourists alike. 
A beach dancing performance
Second on the list is the annual celebration of Kaliguan Festival held every 3rd week of June in honor of St. John the Baptist. This gala has attracted people from neighboring places and even across the globe to witness the colorful celebration of great harvest. Beach dancing competition is the most unique cultural dance contest there is in the country where the performers literally present their number along the shorelines of the beach. Another highlight of the festival is the Perlas ng Kaliguan where lovely candidates show wit and grace during the entire competition. The other activities include boat racing, fluvial parade, sand art competition, pinoy games, agri-trade fair, beach volleyball, beach party and many many more. 
DEPEd teachers in their production number during Kaliguan Festival

Rolly with a huge backdrop at the floating stage

Proudly wearing buli hats during Kaliguan Festival. With me is Brian and Ondoy

With two of my bestfriends Brian and Asterio
Completing the list of BROLJ: Rolly and Lloyd :-)
Third is the media presence of Cagwait Beach; that would mean being featured in Living Asia, TV Patrol Weekend, GMA 7 and a number of blogs. Thanks to all for promoting Cagwait in your most creative way.   
Cagwait Beach featured in Choose Philippines through a friend Almer Casio

Cagwait Beach featured in the Best Philippine Beaches
The Cagwait White Beach is truly a blessing for the locals who never fail to appreciate its beauty and its contribution to the tourism development. A place for respite, batch reunion and family gatherings, Cagwait Beach will always have a welcoming gesture to everyone. For me, I have never missed and would never miss an opportunity to go there everytime I am home. Oh, mentioning of going home makes me ecstatic. See you again my beloved Cagwait Beach.
My nieces and nephew enjoying at the beach
Getting There:

From Butuan City, Bislig City and Davao City

Ride a bus going to Tandag City and tell the bus conductor that you are going to Cagwait. Alight at the junction area where you can see the welcome landmark. The bus driver and the conductor usually announce that you have arrived in Cagwait. From there, you can hire a motorized tricycle and tell the driver that you are heading to the Cagwait White Beach. There are resorts along the beach for you to choose from. You can ask some questions from the driver so you would be guided. Fare is Php 15 –Php 20.

From Tandag City

You can ride a bus heading to Butuan, Davao or Bislig City and tell the bus conductor that you will alight at the intersection of Cagwait There are also jeepneys and vans from Tandag as options for you to reach Cagwait.

Where to stay

If you are planning to stay overnight, here are your options to stay at:

Tourism Inn
Xtreme Beach Resort

Cottages are also available along the beach.

A pose at the ever-charming Cagwait Beach
Photo Credits:

Asterio Ugat, Jr.
Almer Casio 
Best Philippine Beaches
Choose Philippines

Information Credit: 

Municipality of Cagwait

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  1. cool. looks like a fun and relaxing party on the beach.

    1. Hi Fifi,

      Cagwait White Beach is indeed a perfect place for relaxation and recreation :-) Thanks for dropping by. God bless :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I hope to visit Cagwait Beach soon.

    1. You're welcome po :-) Enjoy your stay there :-)

  3. Lapit ko na dito nung nag Surigao del Sur kami hindi ko pa napuntahan sayang :(

    1. Punta po kayo sa beach next time :-) Thanks for dropping by :-)

  4. Hi, came upon your blog since me and my family is planning to visit Cagwait this holy week. Do you happen to have contact numbers/sites for the above mentioned places to stay?

    1. Hi Judy. My apologies for this over delayed reply.huhu. Hope you had a great time there. :-)