Sunday, January 22, 2017

IN PHOTOS: Lanao del Sur's Nature Trek and Marches

Staying in MSU since 2002, visiting Marawi city several times, going to the viewing deck of the cliff, fasting for a day and joining our brethren once in Tarawih during Ramadhan, taking a glimpse and swimming in the Lanao Lake made me think that it's everything I've got to see. Until I trekked down the hill for me to realize that there's a hidden beauty far from the hustle and bustle of the city where lush environment is all I could see: no trashes, no pressures, just a peaceful living. :)

Sometime in November 2014, I received an invitation from Lt. Colonel Bienvenido Alabot from the 1006th Community Defense Center to join the 1st Lanao del Sur's Nature Trek and Marches. I got excited because I really love exploring places and the thought of doing it in Marawi City is truly interesting.

The day has come and I woke up as early as 5:00AM because the assembly time was 6:00AM. With me was a colleague in the Marketing Department, Sir Ralph Buca. 

When we arrived at Campo Ranao, we were welcomed by this awesome view. :) 

The participants started gathering at the Campo Ranao Grounds.

And so the trek begins...
Sharing with you the photos as we explored Marawi and neighboring places in Lanao del Sur.

Sir Ralph Buca taking photos :)

Sir Buca enjoying the trek. :)

It was a long and tiring day but my heart was filled with awe and gratitude. Indeed, Lanao del Sur is such a wonderful place. If only people from other places get to visit Marawi and explore its tourist attractions, one can realize that Lanao del Sur is not all about war, kidnappings and bombings. Thank you so much Sir Alabot for having us. :) God bless ;)

I'm looking forward to more adventures in Lanao del Sur :) Thank you Lord :) 
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