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CBAA Pre-commencement Exercises

The 43rd CBAA Pre-commencement and Recognition Ceremonies
The graduation ceremony in MSU-IIT comprises the pre-commencement and commencement exercises. The latter is the conferment of degrees to the graduating class while the former is the awarding of diplomas, academic, co-curricular and extra curricular awards.

The College of Business Administration and Accountancy had its pre-commencement exercises last April 6, 2013 at the MSU-IIT Gym. The program started at exactly 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon with a processional march of the candidates for graduation, the college faculty, the college dean, institute officials and the guest of honor. Ms. Safa O. Manala-o, a colleague in MBM hosted the ceremony and facilitated the flow of the program.
The candidates for graduation...
Prof. Julita W. Bokingo, dean of CBAA gladly welcomed everyone to the affair and congratulated the graduating class for a job well done. She further presented one hundred and fifty one (151) candidates for graduation of the college; to wit: five (5) from the Master in Business Management, fifty-one (51) from Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, sixteen (16) from BSBA major in Business Economics and seventy-nine (79) from BSBA major in Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Recognition of the graduates with extra-curricular, co-curricular achievements and academic awards followed. Leading the 2013 graduating class of CBAA is Ms. Gie Ann Mae C. Racines, a BSBA major in Entrepreneurial Marketing graduate. The junior students with a grade point average (GPA) of 1.75 or higher were also recognized during the program.

Mr. Romeo L. Bato, CPA, MM the guest of honor inspired the graduating class with his life-changing experiences. His message was centered into GPS, encouraging  the graduates to go beyond borders. The first letter G stands for GOALS. Citing a quote from an author he said, “Goals should be in writing, because if they are not written, they remain wishes – which may not come true.” “Read your goals everyday and you will realize you are getting closer towards reaching it because the more you read it, the more you become conscious of where you are heading to,” he added. The next letter P is all about preparation. Everyone was encouraged to continue learning. The last letter S stands for Service. “Becoming rich is within reach if you learn to serve other people,” he said. Be always willing to be of service to your community and the more people you help, the more you could be successful.

The hooding of graduates in the Masters Degree Program  as well as the distribution of the diploma were then made to the delight of the graduating class. 
Awarding of Diplomas
With fellow MBM candidates for graduation, Van and Ma'am Abeth
Ms. Iris M. Dajao-Opiso, MBM graduate with highest GPA moved everyone to have faith, hope and love in everything a person does. Ms. Racines, the class valedictorian tearfully reminisced the struggles of being a student and the friendship built along the journey. Moreover, Ms. Shiny Rose M. Salem, the class salutatorian urged the graduating class to be grateful to their parents, guardians, families and relatives for the continued support. “Thank you Ma and Pa, for being our BDO’s – someone who always find ways to give what we need through the years,” she sincerely expressed.

A proud parent Mrs. Evangeline C. Racines, mother of the class valedictorian also shared her experiences of being a mother and her thanksgiving for the honor the graduates bring to their respective families.
The dignitaries...
Prof. Stephen C. Fajardo, Assistant Dean of CBAA formally closed the ceremony leaving everyone smiling specially the graduating class who were given the idea to become future mates :D

With Kai Darul, a blogger friend... 
Photo Credit: Ma'am Iris Dajao-Opiso and Ms. Kai Darul

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