Monday, April 15, 2013

The missed flight that brought me to Camiguin Island

All my bags were packed and I was ready to go – so excited to explore Isla de Gigantes of Ilo-ilo. It’s a reward to myself for successfully defending my thesis proposal. This could be my first-time experience of travelling solo. Good luck to me :D

The day arrived for my flight and since I was used to be always in a hurry, I decided to take my own pace in travelling. I wanted to experience a trip where I do not do things in haste, savoring each moment until I reach my destination. I must admit, I felt relaxed not doing things in a rush. 

Other than this is the experience of a budget travelling – taking the cheapest mode of transportation – after all, I will get there.hehe. So, when I arrived in Cagayan de Oro City, I took a jeepney bound for Carmen and from there I took another ride heading towards Lumbia Airport. "Thank God! Makaadto najud ko og Ilo-ilo" (Finally, I can go to Ilo-ilo), I happily expressed.

While I was falling in line to check-in, I met Gabriel, a blogger friend and we had a conversation.

RSC: Hi Gab, today must be your flight going to Manila?
Gab: Yes Kuya, where are you going by the way
RSC: I’m heading to Ilo-ilo 

The security guard who heard our conversation butt in and said, “The airplane heading to Ilo-ilo has already left.” It left 45 minutes earlier than the schedule. Tsk. Tsk. I was petrified for a second :D and found myself a bit hopeless.hehe. Then, I was endorsed to one of the staff of Cebu Pacific and I was told that there is no remedy for the missed flight. I needed the guts to insist my rights but to no avail. hehe.

After trying some possibilities of going to Ilo-ilo, the thought of visiting Camiguin came to my mind and I immediately called Pinay Travelista of the schedule of the boat going to Camiguin. With my final decision, I hurriedly ride a taxi going to Agora Terminal and paid the driver Php 250.00 :D

Then, I took a bus going to Balingoan. I asked the driver what time will it reach Balingoan and he answered at about 5:30 o’clock in the evening. I was a bit worried because it’s the same time that the last boat bound for Camiguin will leave Balingoan Pier. I was lucky enough that I was able to catch up the last trip. A local of Balingoan assisted me in getting a ticket and finally boarding in a boat. Thank God… Tsk. Tsk. Thanks Pinay Travelista, thanks to the driver for making it on time and thanks to Manong for the assistance :D
Taking a glance in the sky while on board. 
I had no itinerary then for Camiguin because what I prepared was for my Ilo-ilo trip. While I was on the boat, I plugged in my Smart broadband but the signal was not good. I called up our marketing officer and requested her to browse Pinoy Adventurista’s write-up about Camiguin and copy the contact number of Kuya Jojo – a tour guide/driver/photographer. I immediately called him up and told him I’m heading to Benoni Port of Camiguin. He confirmed to fetch me and to him I am thankful :D Thanks Ms. Queen for doing the favor and thanks Pinoy Adventurista for posting Kuya Jojo’s number - 0905-9566288.
Welcome Dinner near Benoni Port :D
I arrived at Benoni Port an hour after and Kuya Jojo was already there. Thank God! I invited him for dinner at a nearby barbecue house and we discussed about the destinations we will visit the next day. I asked him of a budget accommodation and he suggested that I will stay at Sunriser Pension House. The rent per night is Php 150.00 only – just perfect for a solo traveller like me. Thanks Kuya Jojo. I unpacked my things, freshened up and went to bed early for a good rest. :-) Good night for now :D I'll be posting my experiences on a day tour... :-) 
My room at Sunriser Pension House, Mambajao, Camiguin

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  1. Ahahaha! Cool! You finally did your solo travel! When you called up, I thought you were kidding when you said you were going by yourself, I thought you had, uhm, someone else with you. =P good thing you were quick enough to have thought of Camiguin after missing that flight. Cheers to a successful spontaneous solo trip! ;-)

    1. Thanks Ms. Lai | Pinay Travelista for the helpful information :D

      Travelling solo is exciting, relaxing and yes challenging... :-)

      Thanks again for answering immediately my call :D

  2. WOW na WOW! oh diba, Kuya Jojo will surely take care of you! Kaya cya ang lagi ko nire-recommend sa mga readers ko.. Glad you enjoyed the trip... :)

    1. It was truly a wonderful experience :-) Thanks again Pinoy Adventurista :-) Happy birthday :-) God bless :-)