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MSU-IIT commends 1,539 graduates in its 43rd Commencement Exercises

The 43rd Commencement Exercises of MSU-IIT
The Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University commends 1,539 graduates from the different schools and colleges of the institute during its 43rd Commencement Exercises on April 8, 2013. MSU-IIT: Going Beyond Borders was the class theme – urging the graduates to meet the demands and challenges of the present time.

The Baccalaureate Services

With over a thousand candidates for graduation, the processional march was one of the longest lines one could ever witness during graduation. That alone, consumed 45 minutes for everyone to endure. Well, one has to withstand it, after all, on that same day, the candidates for graduation will be conferred with their respective degrees :D
The Baccalaureate Ceremony
With the spiritual leaders having reached their seats on stage signaled the MSU-IIT Octava Choral Society to render the invocation. This was followed by the baccalaureate prayers initiated by Ustadz Aladin Saga Deron, President of Imam League, Rev. Jonathan M. Cal of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Fr. Leo A. Illah, C.S.Sp, Chaplain of the Catholic Center Campus Ministry. Father Leo before saying a prayer encouraged everyone to be always grateful and thankful to God the Almighty.

Daxter, William L. Gulben, BS EE, Magna Cum Laude, the class first honorable mention led the prayer response of the candidates for graduation. After which was the presentation of tokens and love offerings to the spiritual leaders.

The Commencement Ceremonies

Another processional march joined by the institute officials, the MSU System officials, the Regents of the University System, the Chancellor, the Guest Speaker, The University President and the Colors came to play.
The Candidates for Graduation
Dr. Sukarno D. Tanggol, the Institute Chancellor introduced the commencement speaker to everyone’s excitement. Citing his credentials being a physicist, a writer, a professor, a blogger among others, the candidates for graduation couldn’t wait for him to deliver his speech.

And so, Dr. Isagani Cruz greeted everyone “Maayong Buntag!!!”

Starting with the interpretation of the number 13, he assured the graduates that it is a lucky number. “You must start working on your next dream. This is where you will need a lot more luck,” he said.

“Chance favors the prepared mind,” he added.

Moreover, he challenged everyone by saying, “according to economists and other experts, the “new growth pole” in the country is Mindanao. This is where the country will rise or fall. “You are lucky because you are in Mindanao. You are right here where the action is. You are lucky because you studied in a school that is rooted solidly in Mindanao. You are lucky because you graduated from a school that has never deviated from its tradition of academic excellence in many fields, particularly science and technology. You have been well-prepared for the task that you now face.”

He continued, “What is the task that you now face? It is to propel Mindanao to its position of leadership. It is to be the pilot in the ship that is the country. It is to be the leader of the almost a hundred million Filipinos ready to become, if we will believe the foreign press, the next Asian tiger.
The MSU System President and IIT Chancellor giving the plaque of appreciation to the commencement speaker
Everyone applauded, being grateful to the inspirational message of Dr. Cruz.

Dr. Edgar W. Ignacio, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs recognized the candidates for graduation who received academic leadership and co-curricular awards.

Dr. Tanggol then presented 1,539 candidates for graduation to the MSU System President Dr. Macapado Muslim who then conferred various degrees to the graduates.
The graduates, faculty members and the parents
Ms. Almera O. Manan, the class valedictorian and a Magna Cum Laude BS Biology graduate, delivered her valedictory address. She tearfully recalled how she went through the challenges of being a student. Spending sleepless nights, taking endless exams and passing loads of requirements have become a routine to her and her classmates. “This is now the fruit of our labor, the result of all the hardships we had,” she proudly said. “Thank you to all our mentors, who have helped us throughout our journey in IIT,” she added.

Then, the class song entitled READY TO GO BEYOND was led by Ms. Casteelyn H. Bacera, AB English and a music awardee.
Hon. Roberto N. Lim, President of the MSU Alumni Association and Alumni Regent led the oath-taking of the graduates; after which he jokingly said, “Now, you can cry.”

Ms. Marie Joy L. Requiroso, a BS Bio graduate and class salutatorian led the pledge of loyalty to the Alma Mater.

Then the singing of the Himno ng Pamantasan signaled the finale of the Commencement Exercises.


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  1. Thank you for this excellent photo illustrated article of this years commencement at MSU-IIT. On each of my visits, I continue to be impressed with the variety of course of studies related to technical and commercial trades. The very high percentage of graduates, top notchers and successful alumni are only a few of many reasons I continue to support MSU-IIT from the other side of the world. As the complexities of the world continue to rely more and more on things of a technical nature, MSU-IIT continues to provide graduates with the expertise requirements not only for today but for the future as well.

    My congratulations to all of The Graduates.

    1. Thank you so much Sir Bob for a wonderful response :-) Thank you also for the greetings. I am glad to be one of the 2013 graduates of MSU-IIT :-) Thank you also for your continued support to the institute and thank you for loving Iligan City... :-)

      See you when you get here... :-) Take care always... :-) God bless... :-)